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All books are secondhand in  intact, readable, unmarked condition unless otherwise noted.  Dimensions are approximate in inches. For further details, scans (see before you buy), etc. click on the e-mail address above, quote the book identifier(s), and please tell me your location (US, UK, etc.) so I can send you the correct information.
PAYMENT: US$/UK£ personal cheques, US$ money orders/UK£ banker's drafts, or US$/UK£ cash are all OK. NO US Postal Service Postal Orders! N.B. Buyer pays shipping costs.       
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SHIPPING: Cash/Banker's Drafts/Money Orders - Shipped when payment received. Personal Cheques - delayed 5 days for clearance. Shipping/packaging costs depend on the total weight of the package. For more valuable items, insurance available at cost. I aim to make no profit from shipping/packaging. Approximate examples (intended as guidelines only): a).    Uninsured airmail to US: weight 250 gm - $4.50; weight 500 gm - $8; b).    In UK, GPO 1st class: weight 250 gm - £1.50; weight 500 gm - £2.50.


HB - hardback DJ - dustjacket
AN - as new (as it left the printers) VG - very good (moderate wear or blemishes - scuffs, nicks, heavier creasing, fading, small dustjacket tears)
F - fine (nearly AN but not "crisp") VG+/VG-  somewhat better/worse than VG
NF - near fine (almost F but very minor wear - corner bumps, a small stain, owner's name, dustjacket slightly creased or with closed tears) G - good (average wear, fading, soiling, chipped/torn dustjacket
NF+/NF- - somewhat better/worse than NF P - poor (much handled, worn, soiled, torn)
DLLRB1 Lynne Reid Banks Defy The Wilderness Chatto&Windus, London, 1981 HB+DJ  F+/F £7.50
DLLRB2 Lynne Reid Banks Path To The Silent Country Weidenfeld&Nicholson, London, 1977 HB+DJ  VG/NF £5 
DLDB1 Dominic Behan Teems of Times and Happy Returns Heinemann, London, 1961 HB+DJ  F-/NF- Ex-Lib £8
DLAB1 Arnold Bennett The Journals of ...  Vol II, 1911-21 Cassell, London, 1932 HB NF- Ex-Lib £10
DLAB2 Arnold Bennett  The Journals of ...  Vol III, 1921-28 Cassell, London, 1933 HB NF- Ex-Lib £10 
DLSEB1 Sue Ellen Bridgers Home Before Dark Knopf, New York, 1976 HB+DJ Signed! F/NF £12.50
DLAB3  Anthony Burgess The Devil's Mode Hutchinson, London, 1989 HB+DJ F/F £10
DLAB2 Anthony Burgess Any Old Iron Hutchinson, London, 1989 (2nd reprint) HB+DJ F-/NF+ £5
DLDLR1 Mazo De La Roche Finch's Fortune MacMillan, London, 1931 HB NF- £15
DLJPD2 J P Donleavy The Onion Eaters Eyre&Spottiswoode, London, 1971 HB NF £4
DLJF1 John Fowles Daniel Martin Jonathan Cape, London, 1977 HB+DJ NF+/NF £8
DLPG1 Paul Gallico Love Let Me Not Hunger Heinemann, London, 1963 HB+DJ F-/NF+ £10
DLPG2 Paul Gallico Mrs Harris Goes To New York Michael Joseph, London, 1960 HB+DJ NF+/NF- £8
DLPG3 Paul Gallico The Poseidon Adventure Heinemann, London, 1969 HB+DJ NF-/NF- Ex-Lib 
front endpaper missing
DLJG1 John Galsworthy Swansong Heinemann, London, 1928, 2nd reprint HB NF £10
DLAG1  Andre Gide The Counterfeiters Knopf, London, 1928 HB VG £10
DLWG1 William Golding An Egyptian Journal  Faber, London, 1985 HB+DJ F/F £12.50
DLWG2 William Golding Fire Down Below Faber, London, 1989 HB+DJ NF/F- Ex-Lib £7.50
DLWG3 William Golding Fire Down Below Faber, London, 1989 HB+DJ NF-/NF- Ex-Lib £4
DLWG4  William Golding The Double Tongue Faber, London, 1995 HB+DJ NF/AN Ex-Lib £5
DLWG5 William Golding Rites Of Passage Faber, London, 1981 (3rd reprint) HB+DJ AN-/F+ £6
DLJG1 John Grisham The Rainmaker Century, London, 1995, 1st reprint HB+DJ F+/AN- £5
DLRH1 Reiko Hatsumi Rain and the Feast of the Stars Murray, London, 1960 HB+DJ NF/NF ExLib £7.50
DLAH1 Aldous Huxley The Art of Seeing Chatto&Windus, London, 1943 HB NF £10
DLAH2 Aldous Huxley Grey Eminence (A Study in Religion and Politics) Chatto&Windus, London, 1941 HB G £7.50
DLNJ2 Naomi Jacob The Heart of the House Hutchinson, London, 1951 HB+DJ NF+/VG- £10
DLSJ1 Storm Jameson Journey From The North Vol I Collins/Harvill, London, 1969 HB+DJ F-/NF+ £10
DLEJ1 Erica Jong How to Save Your Own Life Secker&Warburg, London, 1977 HB+DJ F/F £10
DLCK1  Clifford King Barcelona With Love George Allen&Unwin, London, 1959 HB+DJ NF+/NF £5
DLCK2 Charles Kingsley Yeast Miles&Miles, London, c1900 HB VG £12.50
DLAK1 Arthur Koestler The Age of Longing Collins, London, 1951 HB G £6
DLLE1 Doris Lessing The Summer Before The Dark Knopf, New York, 1973  HB+DJ F-/VG £10
DLRL1 Richard Llewellyn A Few Flowers for Shiner Michael Joseph, London, 1950 HB+DJ F/NF £10
DLCM1 Compton MacKenzie My Life&Times Octave Three Chatto&Windus, London, 1964 HB+DJ  F-/NF £10
DLTM1 Thomas Mann The Holy Sinner Secker & Warburg, London, 1952 HB VG+ £10
DLTM2 Thomas Mann Doctor Faustus Secker & Warburg, London, 1949 HB VG  £10
DLYM1 Yoko Matsuoka Daughter of the Pacific Heinemann, London, 1953 HB+DJ NF+/NF £10
DLWSM1 W Somerset Maugham The Partial View Heinemann, London, 1954 HB NF- £10
DLWSM2 W Somerset Maugham The Vagrant Mood Heinemann, London, 1952 HB+DJ F-/NF- £12.50
DLNM2 Nicholas Monsarrat The Cruel Sea Cassell, London, 1951, 3rd reprint HB+DJ NF-/VG-  £6
DLAM1 Alberto Moravia Lady Godiva and Other Stories Secker&Warburg, London, 1975 HB+DJ  NF-/NF- £7.50
DLHO1 Herman Ould John Galsworthy Chapman&Hall, London, 1934 HB VG Ex Lib £8
DLBP1 Boris Pasternak Letters To Georgian Friends Secker&Warburg, London, 1968 HB+DJ  NF-/NF £6
DLAP1 Abbe Prevost Manon Lescaut Richard Lesley, London, 1947 HB NF £7.50
DLJBP2 J B Priestley Three Men in New Suits Heinemann, London, 1945 HB+DJ NF/NF- £15
DLJBP3  J B Priestley The Good Companions Heinemann, London, 1930 HB VG £10
DLMP1  Marcel Proust A Selection From His Miscellaneous Writings Wingate, London, 1948 HB NF-  £7.50
DLFR1 Frederic Raphael Lindmann Cassell, London, 1963 HB+DJ NF/NF £10
DLSR1 Salman Rushdie Shame Jonathan Cape, London, 1983, 2nd reprint HB+DJ F-/NF £5
DLSR2 Salman Rushdie The Satanic Verses Viking, London, 1988, 15th reprint HB+DJ F/NF £5
DLGBS1 George Bernard Shaw The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, The Six of Calais,  The          Millionairess Constable, London, 1936 HB F- £12.50
DLNS1 Nevil Shute On The Beach Heinemann, London, 1957 HB+DJ NF/P £10
DLAS1 August Strindberg Miss Julia, The Stronger Duckworth, London, 1912 HB NF £10
DLPT1 Paul Theroux The Old Patagonian Express Hamish Hamilton, London, 1979 HB+DJ VG+/NF+ £6
DLPT2 Paul Theroux My Secret History Hamish Hamilton, London, 1989 HB+DJ F-/NF Ex-Lib £8
DLFT1 Francis Thompson The Works of Francis Thompson Poems Vol I  Burns Oates & Wash- 
bourne, London, c1913
HB NF £12.50
DLFT2 Francis Thompson The Hound of Heaven Burns Oates & Washbourne, London, c1926 HB NF- £6
DLEW1 Evelyn Waugh Labels Duckworth, London, 1974 (1st printing of new edition)  HB+DJ NF+/F £7.50
DLHGW1 H G Wells A Quartette of Comedies Benn, London, 1928 HB NF £10
DLEZ1 Emil Zola Therese Raquin Heinemann, London, 1955 HB VG+ £7.50

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